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True Roots

by Taylor Gilkey Laird November 08, 2019 0 Comments

 So where do you come from?

Family history fascinates me, it's likely because I love people and understanding why they are the way they are.  One major key component to a person is their heritage of course.  

Heritage as a noun is something handed down from the past or something that comes or belongs to one by reason of birth. For example, Cindy Crawford passed down her ridiculously good looks and long legs to her daughter Kaia.  Perhaps you have a distant cousin that unfortunately inherited Uncle Ronny's love for Marlboro Reds and NASCAR.  By law, heritage is something that has been or may be inherited by legal descent or succession.  None of this heritage defines you as a person, but it has been baked into your genetic makeup, whether you like it or not.  

The older I grow, the more I appreciate my roots.  My brother and I grew up in a small farming town in Central Ca...the tiny town of Corcoran.  I had the most amazing childhood.  Days were filled with riding our bikes to the local pool, building forts out of dumpsters, playing street hockey and riding my beloved purple Blaster quad on ditch banks.  There was nothing fancy about it and yet it was pure magic. 

Corcoran, farming capital of California.

Whilst I was off riding my bike to grandma's for a graham cracker sandwich and an afternoon swim, my Papa, his son's and 2 nephews were working Gilkey Farm's land.  If you caught my dad on any day during the month of November, he'd likely be putting out fires (literally) at the cotton gin.  His bother and cousins would be working their asses off to keep the cotton coming into the gin. They've done this year after year after year after year.  Courage, perseverance, resilience, passion and conscientiousness.  That is my heritage.  True grit. 

So what's your heritage?  I'm dedicating this space to honor those who have worked hard to leave a legacy.  Talking about our past ancestors is so important.  What part of your heritage has molded you into YOU?

Taylor Gilkey Laird
Taylor Gilkey Laird


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