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Why I'm Boycotting Fast Fashion for a Year

by Taylor Gilkey January 28, 2018 0 Comments

Social Media.

It's fun, entertaining, time passing, inspiring, educational, enlightening and ALSO detrimental, retroactive, mind-numbing and more often times than not makes one lose their own sense of originality.  

Take a moment to look at who you are following on Instagram.  Do it.  I don't guarantee that all of you are following the latest It-Girl fashion bloggers, but for those of you that are, do you find that these chics unconsciously make you feel inadequate and sometimes down right fugly?   Like if you aren't done up with a full face of makeup, your skin isn't bronzed, your hair isn't in the perfect messy bun and you're not wearing that $300 romper you just "liked" on whowhatwear, that your life isn't grammable?  I sure hope that's not the case.  For the record, those gals are merely advertisements.  They are pretty girls that are followed around with a crew of makeup and hair.  Instagram and other social media platforms allow us to cruise side by side with them in their dreamy lives while they get to travel to exotic islands and always seem to look flawless.  

NEW FLASH: That's not real life.  While it is fun to see the places they travel, the products they use and the staged food that they may take one bite of, they also make us feel that we need MORE, that we need BETTER and that what we have is just not enough.

It's not these Social Media bloggers that are making us feel this way.  It's the brands they represent.  It's the brands that are paying these digital advertisers to sell the crap out of their product. These brands want us to think we need THIS or THAT and we need it NOW.  It's genius really, but it's turned us all into robots, buying the same thing that Mrs. Jones down the road already has and hate to break it to you baby, she's got 400 more "likes" than you on her IG picture she just posted.

So this year going forward, I'm going to attempt to remember what makes me, ME.  I'm boycotting Fast Fashion.  I'm saying to hell with what everyone else has and I'm going to reinvent my existing closet.  After all, I created Gilkey Co. on the premise that timeless not trendy always wins.  I've got 3 closets full of perfect badassery, that simply needs a little reworking.

While it may take a bit of time to whip these outfits together, I'm saving money and I hopefully won't look basic AF.  I've already had a ton of fun combining classic pieces with funkier pieces and reinventing wild pieces like my mom's flapper dress she wore in the early 80's.  Shazam.  


 Choose to collect gorgeous one-of a-kind pieces that will stand the test of time. 

xo - Taylor




Taylor Gilkey
Taylor Gilkey