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Bucks by Gilkey Co.

These vintage belt buckles have been hand picked by yours truly.  This versatile 40 in. belt can be worn at the waist or hip.  Pair with a silk slip dress or your favorite pair of denim.  You'll be a show stopper either way with your one-of a-kind belt. 
"BEAUTIFULLY crafted. Lightweight and versatile! Hands down one of my most favorite belts I've ever owned."- satisfied customer!
FUN FACT, these belts are totally unisex, the sizes just translate differently.
We coined the collection "Bucks by Gilkey Co.", because 10% of proceeds will go to the nonprofit Rokability.  This nonprofit's goal is is to provide access to Fresno, CA's SCI-FIT.  SCI-FIT specializes in nontraditional spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Their mission is to provide the most comprehensive, post-traditional, exercise based therapy for those individuals who have suffered a debilitating injury or neurological disorder.  

This nonprofit is close to our heart's, as our Founder is working hard to walk again after a spinal surgery.  She's been able to see first hand the amazing progress that can be made with  SCI-FIT's specialized care.  
Take pride in knowing that your purchase is literally helping a person get back on their feet.