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Health & Wellness

I've always been a pretty healthy person.  I've loved staying active whether it be hiking, swimming, dancing or yoga.  I've also always appreciated and enjoyed healthier foods.
But I 100% took my health and well being for granted.  

After being diagnosed with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) a year after a spinal AVM resection left me an incomplete paraplegic, I'm working tirelessly to get back to healthy.   
The journey thus far has been tiring and painful, but I'm determined to get well.  Navigating paralysis and chronic pain are extremely challenging and the resources are extremely limited.  My mission is to help those who may be in a similar situation and or even perhaps someone who is interested in functional medicine.  The human body is truly amazing and can recover. We've got one life to live, so lets make it a good n healthy one!
xo- Taylor