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How to Care for your Leather

All Gilkey Co. products are handmade in the glorious U.S. of A. To reduce waste, all parts of the hide are used in crafting our bags and so there may be slight color and grain variations, which are characteristic of the natural leather and individual to each item. These leathers will only improve with age and use.

Because your item is made of 100% real leather, you will have to care for it.  Below are some suggestions we make to ensuring your item stays in tiptop shape. Cowhide is actually one of the most forgiving surfaces to clean and maintain.  After all, it withstood some pretty rough handling in its previous life protecting a cow.

1. If your item should become wet, dry it with a dry wool cloth. 

2. When not in use, store your item in cool dark location.

3. Cowhides will naturally stretch with use, adding to its comfort and character.

4. If something should spill on your leather, dab the leather till almost dry. Then, wipe with a damp soapy cloth if necessary to clean the stain. After the stain is removed, rubbing the area with a clean damp cloth will remove any leftover soapy residue. 

5. For any real cleaning, we recommend taking your bag to a trusted shoemaker or cleaners specializing in leather.

6. Leather is not warrantied by the factory mills against wearing. Therefore, we do not warrant the wearing, color fastness (fade-ability) or durability of any fabric.


Our Hair-On bags are made with real cow hair. Like any item made with natural hair, it is delicate and can be susceptible to subtle damage or thinning over time caused by friction during use. This is not a defect in the leather or production of the bag. Please handle with care.