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Bright Lights, Big City | Gilkey Co. now available in SoHo Retail Space (!!)

by Taylor Gilkey February 23, 2017 0 Comments

Momentum.  Its all a burgeoning brand can ask for.  Trust me.  Gilkey Co.'s steady sales have been a giant motivating factor, on top of my unwavering passion for design and the love I posses for the brand itself.  But as my father would say in his somewhat twangy tone, "Tay, bottom line", is that for a company to succeed, it needs to bring home the Bacon...the Benjamins...the Bones...the Buckaroos.

While Gilkey Co. is doing a good job at tapping into online sales channels, the opportunity to open a brick-and-mortar store on a start up budget just isn’t feasible.----Bulletin of SoHo is making that possible. 

Here's how |

We're anxious to bring brand awareness to the East Coast.  #allgoodthings

The store is located at 138 Wooster New York, NY.  If you're in the hood, come check it out! 


See SoHo store pictures below!



Taylor Gilkey
Taylor Gilkey